G1 Winners by Haplotype - Precocity

Below is a dynamic box-and-whisker plot of over 500 Group/Grade 1 stakes winners by their precocity value. Precocity is defined by the difference in days between their date of birth and the date of their first start. As these are all G1 winners from a variety of racing countries and regions, racing class and training environment is somewhat normalized.

The box-plot groups the G1 winners by their putative mitochondrial DNA haplotype. The horses within a haplotype may be altered from time to time if new errors are discovered that conflict with stud book records and place the G1 winner in a different haplotype. 

The circles above or below each of the box plots occur when an outlier to the dataset is present for that specific haplotype. The plots summarize a quantitative distribution with five standard statistics: the smallest value, lower quartile, median, upper quartile, and largest value based on the "days to first start" of the haplogroup (without outliers). The average line is the average "days to first start" for all records, while the count of the number of records in each haplotype is noted in brackets next to the haplotype.

The purpose of this box-plot is to actively display any differences that may occur in precocity aptitude when compared to other haplotypes.