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Molecular Matings is a Thoroughbred racehorse mating service that utlizes genetic markers along with statistical modeling to improve the effectiveness of thoroughbred breeding. Molecular Matings is currently under development:

PHASE 1 - determination of mitochondrial haplogroups and haplotypes within the thoroughbred breed to ensure pedigree integrity and allow analysis of mating outcomes based on genetic knowledge.

This stage is complete. Please feel free to take a look at the data we have collected in sequencing over 4000 thoroughbred racehorses by clicking on the Mitochondrial DNA menu above.

PHASE 2 - Genome Wide Association Study on populations of elite and non elite stallions (e.g Malibu Moon vs. Smarty Jones), elite and non-elite broodmares and elite and non-elite racehorses to ascertain the genetic markers that are most predictive of a stallion or mare producing a superior runner at stud and what nuclear DNA interacts best with each mitochondrial haplotype.

PHASE 3  development of a Broodmare Product that allows broodmare owners to submit the DNA of their mare and generate a predictive outcome for the mare.

PHASE 4 - development of a Stallion Product that allows a stallion owner to submit the DNA of their stallion and generate a predictive outcome for the stallion.

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If after researching the mitochondrial haplotype of your mare and you are certain that her female line is not represented in the samples that we have, please click here to send an email to recieve a sample submission file